Dipping My Toes in The Philippine Stock Market

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I bought my first shares of stocks from the Philippine Stock Market today.

It’s not much – in fact, I bought the minimum required to purchase the said shares of stocks. Confirming that first purchase was a bit scary…

My risk appetite for investing is moderately aggressive, which means as far as stocks is concerned, I am willing to risk on Blue Chip stocks and if the price is low with projections that it will rise in the near future.

It’s not day trading. I am not knowledgeable enough, nor that much of a risk-taker to try that.

Currently, my investments are 30% managed funds (an UITF of the Philippine Stock Market), and 70% is what I have purchased today. The diversity of my investments will probably be more towards growth, rather than stability, so I will be taking in more risks.

You see, with any investment or business venture, risk and rewards are two sides of the same coin. You cannot earn high rewards without high risks. Therefore, a balance between risk and rewards is necessary to have a healthy investment portfolio.

Investing is more of a marathon, than a race. It’s a long game. Rather than storing my money in the bank where it will earn almost no interest income, I chose to place some in stocks, where their value may fluctuate, but there is a higher rate of return in the future.

However, I did not enter this venture blind. I did not YOLO my savings in one go, wishing and hoping that it will earn me returns. This is not gambling.

Investing involves analysis.

There are two analysis that one must do before investing in the stocks of any company – Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

At the moment, I am no expert at both of these. I may have an education in commerce and accounting, and these things are indeed up my alley of knowledge, but when it comes to applying them to the stock market, I am a complete newbie.

I took a crash course of tutorials in the internet to learn what I can. I still have a long road to go.

In any case, the first step may be the hardest, and now that I have taken the first step, I can start saving up more funds to add to my trading funds to grow my equity.

The Philippine Stock Market, compared to foreign markets, is said to be more predictable and less volatile. Which is why, when i started out, I did contemplate on starting off with US tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Apple, but my lack of experience, and of course, funds, made me think twice, and instead, decided to dive in the local market instead.

What about you? Are you investing in the stock market? Any tips for a new player?

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you have a great day.

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