Climbing The Steep Learning Curve

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Last night, I started studying on more advanced video editing software.

To make a long story short, my brain practically melted in my head as I watched a handful of tutorials on the basics of 2D animation. It’s mostly due to the different program’s interface, and layout, and also me not knowing what to do.

There were times where the tutorial I found moved quickly, and I was unable to follow, making me have to rewind and replay the video a couple of times. I also had to repeat the starting process a couple of times because I did not know what in the world I was doing.

By the way, I am studying Blender – a free to use 3D animation and video editing software.

For the moment, I want to learn how to animate a simple logo for videos. Later on, I hope to be able to know how to do proper 2D and even 3D animation. Sounds fun.

But before that, I need to get over the very steep learning curve of me not really understanding what is going on.

The trick is to try and replicate the tutorial, then once you can repeat the steps by yourself, then you experiment.

I gave up in the middle of learning animating in Blender, not because I could not do it. I was able to do the simple animation that the tutorial taught me, but it was much too simple for my current requirement. The more advanced tutorial melted my face even more, and I could not move forward. I ended up trying After Effects, which is also complicated, but I guess the interface is much more familiar to me.

I was able to create the logo animation I needed, and all it took was 6-7 hours of tutorial with trial and error.

When learning these kinds of skills, simply watching and reading is not enough. One of the reasons why I might be a bit familiar with After Effects is that a lot of youtube content creators has a tutorial here and there about it which I may have watched for entertainment. However, since I don’t have the software, the lessons did not really stick, but I guess it aided me a bit.

But yeah, repetition is very important to any skill building, and I really felt the difficulty because I had to repeat a step over and over and even had to repeat a tutorial a lot of times.

There was even a time where my mind blacked out as I was watching the tutorial because I simply could not comprehend what was going on.

Did you ever had that experience when you were in class and the teacher was teacher a complex or difficult subject and they seem to be speaking in a different language? Well, that was what I felt.

So, am I giving up on Blender?

It’s a free tool that a lot of people are using. As much as I am very familiar with the Adobe environment, I’m afraid I do not plan to quit on Blender.

Ever since I was young and got captivated by animation, I have always wanted to learn it. I simply could not due to the lack of resource at the time. The internet was young, and my dial-up connection was not enough to watch video tutorials. I simply did not have the resources needed.

So far, I can do basic movements, making an object move from one point to the other. I have yet to figure out manipulating size, and other animation magic via Blender at the moment.

What skill are you working on now?

Anyway, thank you very much for reading.

Thank you very much for reading!

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