On Reading Physical Books

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I missed them.

I have not read physical books in a while.

I have read some books, quite few – to be frank, but they have been in the digital format.

There is something weird about reading on a screen. It did not feel the same.

It could be the tactile feeling of actually flipping a page, and seeing your progress as one part of the book thickens, and the other side thins out with each flip. You can’t really have that with your phone or tablet.

It could be the lack of distraction from notifications while you read.

Or it could be the reminder that you are reading on a device that holds your social media, messages or games and the nag in the back of your head to check them is there, and your focus will be broken.

I have also found that having a real book with me when I visit the bank is better than having a phone with ebooks in them. You see, banks frown upon the use of mobile phones. It’s a security issue, I believe. Anyway, once, I was stuck in the bank for hours because of long lines, and the reception was poor so I could not read off the internet or play games. I thought I’d read an ebook. Later, a security guard reminded us that cellular phones are not allowed inside the bank. I could not say I was reading a book, because from their eyes, I was using my cellphone.

Ever since I stepped out of school, I have almost not touched a real book. Well, there were times when I had to do some technical research from textbooks, but I don’t think that counts. I’m talking about starting a book and reading it from end to end.

My recent experience is making me want to keep reading again, and not from a screen.

Thank you very much for reading!

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I hope you have a nice day.

Thanks for reading!

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