Being Productive Is Tiring

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, either.

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Last weekend had been a somewhat productive day. I was able to get out and get some street and outdoor photography done. I will upload them in instagram soon.

We also managed to record content in advance for the wife’s channel, which is good. As the producer, it can be very stressful when production schedules are not being met, and deadlines with no output pass you by.

Last week was different. I was swamped.

I got one project in editing, which is in the finalization phase today. We filmed that a week ago, but since I was busy with my real work last week, I was not able to do any editing on that video until last night.

Saturday, I spent an entire day shooting. I woke up early for that one, and while it was not a really long day of filming all the time, the day was still long. When we arrived home, I was tired and fell asleep immediately.

Sunday, I drove my wife with her sister to handle some matters regarding their grandmother’s first death anniversary. They went to church to offer a mass to the dead. While there, we also visited the graves of our relatives. Due to COVID, we were not able to visit the cemetery during All Saint’s Day.

It got us thinking how hard it had been to lose a relative when the lock-down was in full force. We barely had time to grieve, and the body was immediately cremated with little ceremony and only the immediate family members in the City to attend. Thanks to technology, my wife’s siblings were able to witness the events via video call, but it felt lacking without being physically there.

We also went to the market to buy some ingredients, and later that night, my wife cooked Tinola, which she decided could be used for a quick filler content if we ever ran out of things in the works. Great idea! But yeah, filming ended really late in the night.

I was really tired, but like I said, it’s a good tired feeling, like that muscle ache you feel after a good workout.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you also had a great weekend.

Have a nice day!


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