Can Doing Nothing Make You More Productive?

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Productivity is not all about doing. Sometimes, nothing can amount to something.

How often do you have great ideas while taking a shower, sitting around or even just drinking your cup of coffee?

I sometimes get good ideas while sitting down on the throne and doing my business.

In a blog post by Jim Borden entitled Increase Your Productivity by Engaging in “dolce far niente”, he cited some activities from a Wall Street Journal article that one can do to improve productivity afterwards, which includes taking a long shower, playing casual games, walking alone, cooking or even just sitting down.

I know about this myself, but I did not realize that there is an article about it. I know that by doing nothing, your mind can work. It’s like meditation. You are physically not doing any physical activities, but your mind is doing all the heavy lifting.

I have found out that if you are doing things, but your mind is not zoned out, you accomplish nothing and that it will not add to your possible productivity. Take doing household chores. I find that when I am doing house work, and I am focused on it, I am unable to think and be productive.

Take doodling on a piece of paper. It has a trance-like effect that stimulates your brain to think out of the box, and you might end up with better ideas once you come out of your doodle session.

Unfortunately, watching TV while sitting down does not count as doing nothing, specially if you are very focused and engaged on what is going on on the screen. Although I do know that there are some shows that may induce some mind-numbing effects that may put you in a trance-like zone to make you think better. Also, I do not think marathoning your favorite TV series counts as being productive… Unless you are doing “research” for visual media.

What do you think? Who could have known that nothing can result to something, eh?

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