When Your Shows Jump Streaming Services

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I recently watched a video produced by Linus Techtips on why Piracy Will Never Die.

There, he talked about how, despite the availability of legitimate streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, people will still end up pirating shows. Because it is more convenient.

His talk centered around how at the start, Netflix and Hulu had managed to slow down the pirates by making their streaming services much more convenient than piracy by providing a low fee to be able to stream and watch shows.

However, other services also rose up, bearing with them exclusive shows, that will only be available with their platform. You want The Mandalorian, you’ll have to subscribe to Disney+, fan of the Game of Thrones, then subscribe to HBO Max. He also mentioned The Grand Tour, which is available in Amazon Prime.

Because of these, you’d have to subscribe to more streaming services if you want to be able to watch the shows you care about, or else watch them through other non-legitimate means.

Recently, I have learned that a show by J G Quintel (creator of the Regular Show), Close Enough which was originally on Netflix for its first season, was picked up by HBO Max for its second and third season.


It made me sad.

Unlike with a cable subscription, when a show you were watching gets dropped by one channel and transfers to another channel, you’d still be able to watch that show just by switching channels.

With streaming services, you either pony up the cash to subscribe to the next streaming service, or abandon the current service you have and jump ship to the next.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

It makes me worry about some of the series that are on Netflix – specially those that were not exclusive to Netflix. What would happen if the network decides not to renew the contract, and another streaming service picks them up?

Another example is Doctor Who. Before we got Netflix, I remember seeing somewhere that it was available on Netflix. When we got Netflix, I did not see it, and thought that it might be a country thing – you know, how shows may be available in other countries, but not available to yours. There may be a chance that it will be streamed in your country sometime in the future… Then, I learned that Doctor Who will be removed from Netflix UK in 2021, and also transferring to HBO Max. So much for that…

So, yeah… If streaming services will not find a way to “share” content with each other, there is a high likelihood that in the wake of all of these streaming services, people will opt not to subscribe to them, but choose the less legitimate path.

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