I Broke in My Own Home


Last night, I had to break into my own home. Why? Because of cats.

Last night was a normal night like any other. We were in our sofa relaxing after a long, tiring day.

Then, I heard a loud crash from the second floor bedroom. That’s where the cats were.

It sounded like something fell, not like something breaking. I went upstairs to investigate. I opened the door, and… thud.

The door would not open. It was barricaded from the inside. Whatever it was that fell over was now blocking the door, and we cannot open it from our side.

You see, our door opens by going into the room, as with most doors, I believe, so when the object that fell over blocked the door – well, the pesky cats managed to barricade themselves inside the room.

What did they knock over this time? The life-sized half-body mannequin my wife owns.

The mannequin must have fallen over due to some cat shenanigans.

I was mad. The wife told me to hold it in a be patient. It was around 1am already. If I could yell at the cats to open the door, I would, but what would that accomplish? I was dealing with cats.

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I could yell all I want, but they’d just stare at me, minding their own business.

What we did next was try to force the door open.

The door would not budge. The mannequin was blocking the bottom part of the door, and we could not force a small opening that would allow at least a hand in.

We were even determined to crush the mannequin so we could open it, but alas, our strength , or the door did not have enough force to do it. I stopped trying to force opening the door at the risk of destroying our door.

I ran downstairs and found a wire that we use to poke the soil with. We bent it and tried to poke the mannequin out of the door. However, to insert the wire, we had to exert pressure on the door, which was holding the mannequin in place. Plus the wire could not reach.

As I was peeking in the small crack of the door, I saw the window.

I remembered that when I fed the cats earlier, I opened the window to let some air in. There is a screen in the way, but I think I can open the screen from the outside, and get myself inside through the window somehow.

I went downstairs and assessed what I had to do. I had to climb up the walls from behind the house, hoist myself up to the roof, and get up by the window, and open it and get inside. Not a hard task…

But it rained earlier, and the walls were slippery with moss. I tried to get on the walls, but it was so slippery, my hand kept slipping.

Since I don’t want to die falling off a not-so-tall wall, I first grabbed a brush, and scrubbed the top of the walls to clean off the moss. After a quick washing, I was able to scale the wall with a bit of effort. Once on the wall, I was able to climb the roof and crawled to the window.

I tried to shake the screen of the window open but it will not budge. I had to use a tool to unlock the screen from the outside. Once it was unlocked, I was able to open the screen, get in and remove the mannequin that was obstructing the door.

“Cats.” I muttered to myself as I eyed each of them with a piercing gaze. The orange cat must have felt my anger and ran under the bed. I think he was the one at fault.

This ordeal taught me something important about the security of my own home. I need to always lock the windows in that room because anyone with more skill at breaking in a house can easily get inside from there. A screen is also no match to knives. At least with glass, it might offer some bit of protection.

I also noted that despite the time, no one spotted me trying to break inside my own house.

Also, I better not have anything that might be easily knocked over near the door.

In any case, I learned a bit about my own home’s security.

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