Is Blogging Hard?

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Blogging is writing. Therefore, the difficulty of maintaining a blog depends upon how much of a writer you are, and how easy it is for you to scrape up ideas for a post.

But what if you can’t write well? I think as long as you can cover the basics and can convey your thoughts and ideas well, you’d make it somehow. The techniques of writing an engaging and well-crafted blog post can come later. We do have to learn to crawl before we can run, right?

The hardest part for me about blogging is the idea on what to write. Sure, you can write, but over time, your ideas may run dry. You may encounter a time when you don’t seem to have anything to blog about. In one of my earlier post, Getting Content Ideas for Blogging, I talked about 4 ways on which you can get ideas for your blog. Jim Borden, also added a 5th one in the comments.

Apart from ideas for blogging, blogging regularly is also a challenge. The frequency of blog posts depends on you and your capacity write often. In Renard’s World, The Pro’s and Cons of Blogging Daily, he talked about how blogging daily can both be a good and a bad thing. Basically, it is up to you to strike a balance between regular content and your mental sanity. You can write weekly, or even monthly, if you can’t handle daily. Do note that regular posting do improve a blog site’s followers.

How long should your post be? Writing long posts can be daunting. Some even struggle getting a few words together. Does the prospect of writing long posts scare you? Good news! Long posts are not a requirement for being a good blogger. It’s all about getting the point across. If you can get your thoughts and points across to your readers in lesser words, then good for you! You don’t need to pad your blog post with useless terms just to ramp up the word count.

Is blogging hard?

Yes and no. The difficulty or easiness of writing blog posts is all up to you. If you do manage to build a blogging habit, it will come to you as naturally as your daily routines. However, if it ever comes a time that you seem to find difficulty and stress and writing a blog – it’s not a bad idea to step back and have a break.

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