Wow, I’m Linked to TVTropes

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I was surprised to see in one of my referrer sites that my site got an incoming link from TVTropes.

I love that site. I have spent hours reading various tropes and things related to media that I have watched over there. I find it a useful tool for writing, and even in analyzing movies, TV series and anime.

Naturally, I had to investigate.

The page that sent the referral was – so I was even more excited. I mean, it might be some old post I did that got the referral. I haven’t written any anime and manga content in a long while.

A quick search of the page, and I cannot seem to find my page’s referral.

So, I peeped in the source code. It might be hidden in a hyperlink.

It was hidden in a hyperlink to an image I posted.

Well, it wasn’t much, but hey, a link back from a large website such as TVTropes is a huge honor for me, so whoever did the linking, I appreciate it.

By the way, the post that has the image is this one: One Piece 273 – Luffy’s Resolve and the picture is this shocked face of Spandam.

Like I said, it’s nice that something is being referred somewhere. Hahaha…

I hope you have a nice day! Thanks for reading.

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