Yes – Completely My Fault

Today couldn’t start off any better – my orange fur ball of a cat, while playing with his brother, ran across our center table and knocked off the test tube vase that we have as decoration.

It shattered on the floor.

I was busy trying to glue the corner of my phone’s protective case so I can squeeze some more months off of it, so I did not notice what was going on until I heard the sound of glass smashing on the floor.

I was mad.

I mean cats run around, sure, but I always scold them whenever they run across the table.

I angrily sent the two off to their room to think about what they did. At least I hope they understood that I was mad for what they did at whatever level of understanding cats have.

Now, here’s the kicker. My display of anger woke up the wife, and now, I’m in hot water for being mad at the cats.

It was apparently my fault for not watching them, letting them play and in the end, letting them break the glass vase.

I admit, I was mad at myself for letting them out this morning… but I always let them out of their room while I get ready for work. I let them stretch their legs and do things while I also do my morning routine. I have no precognition that someone would bolt on the center table and knock things down. It is a possibility, yes, but it was not a certainty for when.

Now – it’s my fault. It was never these cat’s fault. They’re angels… Riiiiiight?

My wife wanted me to trash the phone’s case because I still got one extra. However, I’m being a stubborn on my frugality, plus I like the current design. The extra wasn’t as good. It was a second option. Now, it was my fault because I wasn’t paying attention. I should have noticed them running around, I should have stopped them and sent them up to their room as soon as they started. It was also my fault for blowing a fuse, being mad and making a fuss and a scene. Wonderful.

I argued that would it still be my fault if I was doing something else? If I was washing the dishes, cooking or taking a dump in the toilet? Still my fault. I should have known that they will eventually knock the decor down.

Bottom line – I should not have let the cats out to play.

My routine has always been let the cats out of their room once I wake up, I do my business, and before I go to work, I send them back in, where they nap the rest of the day. If they hear me doing things in the kitchen, they’d scratch at the door to get my attention. Clever bastards.

I’m just exhausted for being blamed for this. It was the cat’s fault, not mine. But it still boiled down to it being my fault. Fine, whatever, my fault. End of argument.

Now, I have to find a replacement large test tube thing. Hopefully, the medical and science supplies has these large things. If so, I’d just be replacing the test tube, and not the entire thing.

Yeah, sorry about the rant.

I hope you have a better day than mine. Later.

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