I’m Going to Need More Space

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I knew video takes up a lot of storage space… but wow… I did not realize our edited videos would take up approximately 50 Gigabytes of data.

Storage is expensive, but fortunately, compared to a couple of years ago, the price of storage has gone done. A terabyte hard drive costs as much as or probably less than a 500 gig drive then.

As I was saying, I archive all of the edited videos in full resolution. Before, I saved them at 720p, or standard definition. When we upgraded our phones to the Iphone 11, we had the ability to work with bigger files at higher resolutions, so I started saving our videos at 1080p. As a result, one video could reach almost a gig. The last video I made, which reached only 15 minutes, had a 1.5Gig of storage used.

I archive my files in a small Western Digital My Passport Drive. This was when they had smaller sizes. Mine was at 750 Gigabytes.

As I look online for choices, I see that the smallest now for that line of drive is at 1 terabyte.

If I’m going to keep backing up our videos, I’m going to need more storage. A terabyte might get filled up quick, but my budget is constrained at the moment, so I will have to make do with that.

Perhaps when our budget has more room, eh?

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