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When I was young, and only had a tiny point-and-shoot camera at my disposal, there was this one event that I really wanted to take a photo of, but hesitated.

And now, I regret not being able to take it.

The scene was of my uncle shaving his father (my grandfather). At the time, my grandfather was already old and a bit weak, and meanwhile, I was not that close with my uncle because he lives in Canada, and I think that was the first time in years that he went back in the Philippines.

When I passed by on of our rooms, the door was open, and there they were, my uncle using a razor to shave my grandfather. As I saw the scene, I thought to myself that this would make a great photo.

However, I did not want to disturb them, and since the only camera I had was a point-and-shoot one, I had to get close to take a photo. And so I ended up not taking it.

A few years later, my grandfather passed away. I still thought it would have made a great photo, and the moment, frozen in time, would have made a great physical manifestation of a memory.

However, since I did not take the photo, the scene will be just in my memory.

As a photographer, despite being an amateur, I believe that photos are for capturing moments and memories. We should not be shy to use our cameras as the same moment may never present itself to us again and the opportunity will be forever lost.

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