Write Down Your Ideas

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Last night, while doing chores, I had a nifty idea to blog about… At that time, I could not just drop what I was doing and get to typing.

I don’t really like blogging on my mobile phone, but I should have at least written it down.

As I opened the composer today, I am, as usual, at a loss on what to write.

“That was a good idea,” I grumbled to myself. I could not remember what it was, but I could still remember that feeling of excitement that washed over me as the idea hit me.

I need to get back in the habit of content creation for myself again.

It could because I have lost the habit that my memory seem to be failing on me regarding ideas. Normally they’d stick with me until I am actually in front of a computer and able to write.

Then again, it was my fault entirely. Instead of at least writing down what idea I had, I continued with my chores, then watched a series on Netflix, then fell asleep later. No wonder my brain forgot about it…

So, yeah, if you got any writing ideas, blogging ideas or whatever ideas you got, grab a pen and paper, or grab your phone, and jot them down.

Have a nice day!


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