You mean there’s more?


There’s another typhoon that is forecast to arrive Wednesday night.

I mean, come on! We just had electricity last Friday night, a lot of areas in our city is still in the dark, and internet is still down for our home, and here comes another storm?

It is said to be stronger that typhoon Quinta, but weaker than the last super typhoon Rolly (Goni). I would be really happy if it evaporates into nothingness somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

The wife’s worried that our roof might not survive another beating from another typhoon.

Seriously, 2020… There’s 2 months left and you’re doing this now?

The forecast tracks the storm to pass above our city, but knowing these forecasts, there is always that degree of uncertainty. If it moves lower, our city will face another storm. Even if it sticks to its course, we’ll definitely feel strong winds and rain in the next few days. Are weekly typhoons the new thing now?

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