Survived The Super Typhoon


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

2020 sucks, and before the year ended, we got hit by a Super Typhoon – the strongest one this year.

I’m here to report that me and my family are doing well despite being hit by super typhoon Rolly (international name Goni).

The winds were intense. Our roof felt like someone was slapping it around, dropping everything, but the kitchen sink.

The storm arrived in our city in the morning, and looking out the streets one can see the trees and shrubs bending to the gusts.

Record Breaking. First time our Region delcared signal # 5.

We were scared. I was not sure if our roof would survive the ordeal. I was also worried about our canopy over the balcony. The winds shook and felt like it wanted to lift it up. Fortunately, it survived.

Sometime during the battering winds and rain, it stopped, and the sun shone for a brief moment despite being behind the clouds. We were in the eye of the storm.

I took the opportunity to take the dogs out (within the safety of our balcony), and let them do their business. Just as they finished their business, the storm began its assault again.

The winds were stronger and the rains were heavier.

One of the roofs of houses that we could see from our window started flapping in the winds. My heart would almost skip every time it flapped with the blowing of the wind. I was hoping that it would not fly off, or if it does, the winds take it far away from here. Our windows will not survive a hit from those.

The storm’s winds became stronger when it passed over us.

Later, a tricycle rammed into my wife’s uncle’s tricycle which he parked and secured in front of our house. The owner, a neighbor in front of us, ran to it, and just tied it up to our tricycle. We were pissed that he did not secure his things better. Fortunately, our tricycle nor our gate suffered any damages.

Amidst the howling winds, we heard the sound of breaking glass. I hurried upstairs to check our barricaded windows. While soaked with rainwater from the splashes that forced its way into the window’s bottom and edges, our windows were still safe. Someone in our neighborhood must have had an unfortunate accident. When the storm ended, I saw that it was one of the unoccupied houses that had the broken window.

As the winds and rain increased, our kitchen ceiling started to drip. Again. I was certain I had fixed this. I removed the old sealant from the roof that joined the wall and the kitchen roofing, and replaced it. My fingers still ached from peeling the old ones off. But now, the water’s dripping again! The drip were slow, but I was worried that it might keep going while the strong rains kept pouring. My mind was not at ease until around three in the afternoon. When I asked my father to take a look, he concurred with my suspicions that the drips were from small cracks in the plaster by the window. I should seal those up, too. That might be why we only experience leaks in the kitchen ceiling in rains with intense winds. We don’t have leaks in really strong rains, as long as it falls straight down.

Today, our city is still without electricity and our home is running on emergency power from a generator which we only open for a few hours at night. Immediately after the storm, we ventured into the city center that night, and we were greeted with bent electric poles.

Mobile communications was restored just yesterday, when it was completely down for our network on the 1st of November.

We finished cleaning up and our home was spared from the onslaught.

I could not say the same for some of our fellow Bicolanos. Albay and Catanduanes was hit hard. They faced the full force of the storm when it first hit landfall.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope it somehow shed some light on our experience.

I hope you have a nice day.

Author: jomz

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