Growing A Mustache Is Tough

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When it comes to facial hair, I never appreciated having a mustache on my upper lip. I sometimes grow a beard, a short one, at that, because I’d shave it down on occasions where I got to be clean-shaven.

November, aside from being a time where I “attempt” to write a novel, is also the time of the year for Movember – where men grow a mustache to show support for men’s health awareness.

Frankly, when I first heard of it, I just thought it would be a fun excuse to grow a mustache on my face, eh? If asked, why I have hair on my upper lip, I’d reply “Movember!”

With face masks covering our faces when we get out, I got myself a head-start with growing a Mo in October.

Here’s a silly song to motivate you to grow a mustache!

Unfortunately, I found some issues with having a mustache–

  • Eating is messier. I often find my mustache covered in grease or oil, or whatever sauce that my food has when I am chowing down. Easily remedied by a quick wash after eating, or occasional dabs with a napkin. But still, messier compared to not having a mustache.
  • I find it strange having bits of hair touching my lips. I fixed it with a quick trip. Never really had the chance to trim a mustache before.
  • An added grooming item. Yeah, as mentioned above, I have to groom the mustache so my face won’t look too messy. Fortunately, face masks are actually handy for covering it up, so not much issue here! Haha.

Despite my personal issues, and the occasional protest from my wife, I’ll grow this up into November. At least I got a head start!

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