How Do I Blog Again?

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OK. Let’s see if I can remember how this goes…

I cracked my knuckles before my fingers hovered above the home keys on the keyboard.

I know I haven’t been posting in a while, and in order for me to break the habit of not posting in the blog, I have to kick start the process by simply diving in.

That is probably one of the benefits of having a personal blog, as opposed to those professional blogs with a specific theme in them. Personal blogs are more loosely themed and can probably contain anything. The best I can do is make the reading process as entertaining as possible so people would actually make an attempt at reading them, and probably not feel that they just wasted a bunch of minutes in their lives.

The most writing that I have been doing lately is writing for my wife’s vlog. Well, actually, it’s a team effort. She’s the face of the project, and I do most of the behind-the-scenes work. It is really satisfying when someone would comment on there that the editing of the video was done well. I’d have a huge grin on my face knowing that I did a good job.

The hardest part is starting. I remember in Physics when we were talking about inertia. It’s the change of any physical object to a change in velocity. I have been pretty comfortable not doing any blogging. Therefore, starting again is a bit difficult.

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This new normal sure is uncomfortable. No, I am not talking about the masks, I am talking about how most companies are running on skeletal forces but the demand for their services still remains the same. That means that their output has been decreased, so the backlog just keeps piling up. I had the most excruciating banking experience to date yesterday. I was in line for more than 2 hours. An hour was spent standing in line outside the bank, and one more hour when I reached inside. I arrived at around one in the afternoon, and had to stand in line to get inside the bank.

Why was the line moving so slow? There was only one teller working. Meanwhile, it was a busy schedule for banks – it was a Monday, and also the start of the month. People got bills and loans to pay. The line got so bad that when my turn came up, the bank was already closed, and there was still a long line behind me.

Glad that was over, but if that is something that I will have to go through each month… Nope. Nope. Nope. I’d rather have the old normal back.

I hope you had a better day than me.

See you around!


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