I’m Missing the Quarantine Already

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Things are starting to get back to normal here. The community quarantine has been partially lifted. Almost everyone is allowed outside, except for those considered to be vulnerable – the minors and the retirees.

As a bit of a background, during the quarantine period, I have been part of the workforce allowed outside. We have work on a shifting schedule. One week I have work, one week I don’t. While it has been terrible to the routine – it was sort of relaxing.

Also, commute to work was a literal breeze. With not much cars out on the street, I could get from home to work and back in ten minutes while trying my best to keep the limit of 40 to 60 Kilometers per hour (25 – 37 Mph).

As I was saying, yesterday was the official lifting of the quarantine to a more lenient one – coined “Modified General Community Quarantine.” Almost everyone is back on the streets, and traffic is back, along with the stress that comes with it.

I miss the days where I could leisurely drive on the road knowing that I would still be fine when I get back to work.

I also am missing the week off that we had. The only downside to this is that dragging your lazy butt off from bed to get to work after a week is really hard! Hahaha…

The threat of the virus is still there. While people are allowed to go outside, face masks are mandatory. And businesses and gathering places have various measures put in place to avoid gathering a large crowd. They even close earlier than normal.

Although I don’t miss the long lines needed just to enter a place – specially if I’ll just be grabbing a thing or two (or worse – the item is not available!), and also the longer lines at the checkout counter because of the limited staff.

I also don’t miss the restricted scheduling to purchasing supplies. If you luck out and realized you are missing an ingredient, you better hold off your menu until the next supply run schedule.

Anyway, I hope you are doing good! Have a nice day and stay safe!

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