Botched Up the Patch Job

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In my previous post – I mentioned how our City was in the path of an incoming typhoon, right?

Well, fortunate for us, the path went a lower course and missed us. The most we experienced was some heavy rains around five,  up to seven in the morning.

The day before, which was Thursday, we got ample time to prepare and anticipate for the typhoon. We moved the potted plants we had at the balcony indoors, covered up the washing machine, and I had to do an inspection of the roof above the kitchen.

In the previous storm last year, our kitchen suffered from a massive leak from the rains. I managed to find it. A roof screw must have gotten torn off or something, and so, rain water got in.

I did a somewhat thorough inspection, patched up some areas I thought needed more roof sealant, and satisfied with the result, went back to preparing the house for the storm.

A funny incident also happened while I was testing our small generator. When I got it to run and roaring, we had a power outage. I ran the machine for five minutes, just to make sure that everything is fine should we have to endure another massive power outage. As I killed the generator, the electricity went back up. Me and my wife got a good chuckle out of it.

Friday, the next day, frustration and disappointment hit me when I saw the countertop of the kitchen soaked from a leak from the ceiling. I must have missed a spot, I reckon. I figured it must be higher up the roof, for in normal rains, we don’t got any leaks. I placed some pans to catch the dripping water, and swore I’d get to the bottom once the rains finish. However, I was very worried because per the last forecasts, the rains will continue on until two in the afternoon. The kitchen will probably suffer from massive water damage by then.

We got to check the weather report and was pleasantly surprised to see that the storm went at a lower path and has already missed us. True enough, at around seven in the morning, the winds died down a bit, and so did the pouring rain. The leak in the ceiling also slowed down to some manageable drops.

The next day, the storm was clear of our province, and the sun shone once more. I checked the roof, and found this:


In a small section of a joint on the roof, by the wall where the roof was attached, the original sealant was already worn out, and the patching I did was done poorly, allowing water to seep through when the winds blew rain up that part.

I fixed it up, patched it up and inspected the rest of the roof. Everything seemed to be in order. Hopefully, the house will be more storm-ready, specially since come June, it would be the rainy season once more.

That is all for now. I hope you are doing well.

See you around, and have a nice day!

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