Just Checking In. Some Quarantine Stories


The Plaza Is Clear of People. Great time to take a photo!

Hello everyone! How are you doing in these trying times? I hope you are still sane and able to keep yourselves safe – you know, while staying at home and always washing your hands…

There has been nothing much going on by my end of the world. Buying supplies has been difficult and exhausting – mainly because you have to buy in larger quantities, and often, the things you need to buy are not available due to problems in the supply chain. At least it was not as apocalyptic as I had initially thought. I mean, the canned goods are still untouched, and I am still able to procure some fresh produce.

Strict community quarantine will probably be lifted by next month in our city.

Sleep has been one of the biggest thing affected by this stay-at-home rules. Without work the next day, I have found myself sleeping later and later into the early hours of the morning in the next day, and waking up close to noon. One time, when my wife and I were shooting for her baking vlog video, we ended up staying up until 3am. Unsurprisingly, I woke up at 4 in the afternoon. Where did the day go, eh? Hahaha…

Writing has taken a back seat. There has been not much time to think when there are a ton of chores at home.

Why do we never run out of household chores?

Anyway, that is all for now. See you later!


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