I’m Getting Fat, and I Know Why

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I blame all this hoopla about home quarantine… But in reality, I have no one to point the blame to but myself!

“You’re getting fat!” My wife pointed out with a giggle. “Your face is getting rounder… and your belly is starting to bulge…”

I felt a bit self conscious about those words. However, I had been a skinny kid, putting on some pounds as I grew older ain’t that bad. Although I do have to watch out that I don’t put on too much weight, for health reasons, of course.

So, why am I blaming the quarantine? Is it the sedentary lifestyle? The lack of getting out? Well, before the quarantine, I did not do much physical outdoor activity, although I do walk a lot here and there. With the quarantine in effect, that has been difficult to do.

Photo of actual cookies she baked.

No… the real culprit is my wife, and her cooking! With the quarantine, she managed to look into more recipes and has recently picked up baking. The other day, she baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. All those delicious food seems to have been settling in my body. Well, at least someone in our household is being productive, eh?

Anyway, how are you guys hanging on in light of the current situation? I hope you are all doing well.

Stay safe, and have a nice day!


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