Is This What Retirement is Like?

I may be decades from being of retirement age, yet the current condition where we are encouraged to stay at home made me think…

Is this what retirement is like?

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Without work to go to each day, I wake up later in the morning. Routine would mostly include chores to keep the house in shape, fixing up food, sitting around the house either watching on the television, or chatting up the wife.

Things don’t necessarily have to be productive. I tossed the pressure to do that out the window. It’s more fun to not have any commitments to reach.

I do try to learn things, though. Photography and videography is still in my priority list. However, it would seem that I have some difficulty writing. Probably because I have not been too idle to let my mind wander and ponder. It would seem that an idle body would lead to an active mind. Hence, all these physical activity seems to be detrimental to my writing.

Without having to do any work, and only house things to do, the routine of it all takes up most of my time and the day would sooner end.

I’d go to sleep and end the day, and wake up repeating it all over again.

It’s not that bad, mind you. In fact, I do find it a bit relaxing. There’s not much pressure to do anything and the days seem to melt into each other and there is not much difference in one day from the next.


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