What Have You Been Up To?

To help fight the spread of COVID, staying indoors, and away from human interaction is the best we normal human beings can do.

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Our work has been on rotation running on a skeletal workforce, and last week was my scheduled off days.

Cells-at-WorkIt took some time to switch my weekday routine. I have been doing household chores such as getting some laundry done, some cleaning, spending more time with the pets. I also got to watch Cells at Work – an interesting anime about the inner workings of the human body, masked in a workforce environment, and also Carole and Tuesday – a music industry related story of people who migrated to Mars.

I have also been helping out with my wife’s content for her youtube channel.

Most of the time, though, time has been spent sitting around watching things on the internet, learning new things. I have been watching things related to videography and photography, and also have been watching things related to baking. I got to learn how to make bread – even the most basic of breads, such as this one tweet I found. Should worse comes to worst, and an apocalypse befalls our society, every survival skills we can use will count.

I also brought some work at home, but I barely got to touch them, only at the very last minute, so I only got a few finished. It felt like homework all over again. Hahaha…

It’s not bad, really. It has been a really long weekend.

I still manage to get out of the house. Our government implemented this system where only one member of the household at a set schedule can go out and buy supplies, so I am not completely cooped up inside the house.

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. Stay safe, and have a nice day!


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