On Community Lockdown

Hello everyone. How are you all doing?

To control the pandemic, our government declared a community lockdown. Cool. I can stay at home, yeah?

For an introvert that can spend hours at home, indoors, that is not a bad news. However, I still have to go to work this week, mainly because I am in the government sector, and my work deals with necessary documents and paper work. The good news is that I am not on the front lines, and that there is no documented infection in our city. The community lock-down is more of a preventive measure to curb the spread.

Yesterday, I had to buy some supplies, so I went to the city center. It was not that empty for people, but the decrease in people on the streets can be seen clearly. You can walk in the middle of the street without worrying that a car would run you over.

man wearing a black face mask
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I do not have a face mask – never saw the need due to the little human interaction I do, plus my obsessive-compulsive hand-cleaning measures. I just have to constantly remind myself not to touch my face, or scratch my nose. However, I heard that we were being required to wear a face mask just because. Disposable face masks have been in short supply, and finding one has been difficult. Most stores that sell cloth masks were already closed due to the lock-down.

I ran into a two guys selling cloth masks on the street. I was hesitant to buy, but because I need them, I bought two. The mask sort of fits my face, but the straps were a bit loose. I would have been better off sewing my own cloth mask – and I am terrible with sewing! Hahaha… In any case, this would at least meet the requirement. I figured I’d place an inner lining to improve the mask and tighten up the strap a bit. It somehow worked. I’m a bit worried that the strap’s elasticity will degrade sooner, but it’s quality isn’t the best to begin with. It’s made with a small strip of elastic garter, easily replaceable if I have the supplies. In any case, the cloth mask I bought will definitely be modified next week. I’d be staying at home next week due to the rotation scheme our office is implementing.

Speaking of staying at home, like I said, I am completely fine with it. I got more time to spend with the wife, and I am more relaxed in the mornings. I have more time to make breakfast because the travel to work has no traffic now! What usually takes 15 minutes of travel going to work takes me 10 or less. I’m fortunate to have my own means of transportation, specially since public transportation has been suspended.

Well, we do what we can to help control the spread, right?

Also, today’s blog post made me realize it would have been great is I had taken photos. However, I only had my phone yesterday, and I was also hesitant to take photos. I would not want to catch the attention of authorities patrolling the streets for loafers. But the photographer/journalist in me has really been screaming at me from inside my head telling me, “you got to take a photo…” Nope. Sorry. Not listening to you today, mate. Hahaha…

Well, that is all for today. I hope you are doing well. How is your community handling the viral spread, and how are you doing despite this situation?

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Have a nice day!



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