How Editing Helps to Enhance Photos


I am usually uncomfortable showing work-in-progress things, but this is essential for my point. Hahaha…

As part of my return to visual media, I have been re-sharpening my photo-editing skills. There are a lot one can learn from the internet now. It also helps when you follow a handful of photographers and film makers on youtube.

In any case, above is a photo of a bunch of benches after a light rain. The top picture is the original, out-of-the-camera image. The bottom is after a bit of editing.

My camera is old. It’s a relic from 2014, a Fujifilm Finepix S4800. However, for an amateur photographer, this mid-level camera enables me to take decent photos and also tweak some settings to learn some basics that for pro photographers, is as involuntary as breathing.

However, editing photos can breathe new life to what may seem like a mundane shot. I have learned that what we see with our eyes not necessarily translate well to digital cameras. There are limits to colors. Add the fact that what I am using is not as cutting-edge, well, of course I’d have to rely on software to return what colors were not captured.

What I did with this shot was not only add more colors and make it a bit more vibrant, but I also made it felt a bit colder. It just rained, therefore I had to amp up the coolness by adding more blues, and reducing the yellows. Apart from that, a little modification on the depth of field by blurring the tree trunk in the foreground made the eye focus more on the benches and the puddle up ahead.

I think photography is a wonderful art form, and since most of us are carrying powerful cameras in our pockets, I highly encourage everyone to use them and take photos. However, if you ever find a good photo, yet feel something is missing, a bit of editing and enhancing can make that good photo into a fantastic one!

I hope you have a nice day, and thank you for reading.


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