Fiddling Around With Photography

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With my wife diving into her vlog production more recently because we have more free time, I have rekindled my love for photography.

Armed with my Fujifilm Superzoom, which I had with me since 2014 (yeah, it’s old), and my iPhone, I have been taking photos whenever I can.

It has been fun. Everywhere I look, I try to see if this can be an interesting photo. Will looking at it at a different angle work? Often, I am limited by my own skill, specially when a composition, which I thought would be good in my head, ends up terrible once taken. Meh, it’s a learning experience. I welcome the mistakes.

Most of the time, I take photos with my mobile phone. Why? It is easier to take around, compared to my camera. It’s always with me whenever I encounter something interesting while on a stroll. Another is that, the quality of the mobile photos, unfortunately, seems to be better compared to my camera.

Well, not all the time, at least. With proper lighting conditions (mostly outdoors), I can take decent photos with the camera. Under low light conditions, or when I want to take photos of subjects up-close and with an interesting depth of field (those blurry photos with the subject in focus), I will have to use my phone.

Another one of my issues is my inability to quickly edit all the photos I took. Which means, I have to scrutinize the pictures I have taken, pick one or two that is good, and edit it, then upload it. A long process, and in this instant and fast processing world, I end up being left in the dust. This photo I have here, for example, was something I have taken in June, 2019. It has been lying in the camera’s memory card all this time, and only now was I able to do some touch-ups and edits on it.

Photography and videography are two related, but different skills that I am studying, and building up my skills on. Both are fun, and quite useful. Me and my wife (though it’s mostly me) have created an instagram account for our photography things here,) and I highly encourage you to please give us a follow if you have an account there.

I find the inability to upload from a computer in instagram a bit troublesome, and have been looking into a good website to host my photos. Sure, if you switch your browser to “mobile view” it can work, but I am also looking into where else to upload. I used to place them in deviantart, but that website ain’t what it used to be. I am trying picfair, but I am not sure if this is something for me – being such an amateur.

In any case, if you follow my blog for writings and articles, rest assured I will not be filling this up with photos. This is still a writing blog, with the occasional art sprinkled in.

Speaking of follows, please follow my blog, if you haven’t already, if you like reading things like this. If you wish to support me in anyway, please consider checking out my Ko-Fi page, or my Patreon Page or drop by my redbubble shop.

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Anyway, that is all for now, I hope you have a nice day!


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