Flash Fiction: The Silence in the Fog

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John and Mary had been looking forward to this vacation for quite some time. Being in the busy world of business made them figure a schedule with much difficulty.

John rolled down the windows of the RV for a bit to smell the cool mountain air. His face was assaulted by a rush of wind that rustled his hair and made his breathing quite difficult. He quickly closed the window, and glanced at Mary who was seated beside him.

Mary put down her phone, her face still illuminated by the screen.

“What?” She asked.

“There’s a fog up ahead.”

“So, slow down.”

“Yeah…” John eased up on the gas pedal and lightly tapped the breaks for a bit. He then flipped  up the lights.

“Strange that there’s a fog up here… What time is it?” John asked without taking his eyes off the road. The car’s beams barely penetrate through the thick fog.

“It’s six in the afternoon. Of all the rotten luck…” Mary read off the time from here phone. It had been years since she last wore a watch on her wrist, though her wrists were not bare. Her beaded bracelets jingled as she put down the phone on her lap again.

“I know… we’ll be traveling at night in thick fog. Is there anywhere here that we can stop or something?”

“I don’t want to stop here. Can’t we just keep going?” Mary’s eyes wandered through the dark fog.


The climb up the mountain had been quiet and without incident for the time being. However, just as they crossed a route marker which John was not able to read, something caught his eye from the rear view mirror. He looked at it again, and saw the backseat of the car. Nothing usual, he thought.

“What’s up?” Mary asked when she caught John check the mirror again for the fifth time.

“I keep seeing something behind me in the mirror from the corner of my eye.”

Mary turned her head around at the back, “there’s nothing here.”

As soon as Mary turned to face the road again, John saw something in the mirror which made him freeze.

Sitting in the back seat, clad in white, was a figure that vaguely looked like a woman with really long, disheveled hair. He cannot see her face, which was covered by shadows.

“There!” John blurted out as he pointed to the mirror again.

Mary turned around and still saw nothing.

She opened her mouth to speak to John that he might be tired, but her words got caught in her throat. With furrowed brows, she wondered about the sudden loss of her voice. She coughed and cleared her throat, which felt hoarse and scratchy, but still nothing.

John glanced at the road and quickly looked at the mirror again. From behind the shadows, the faceless figure smiled showing rows of teeth that were more gray than white.

He pointed at the mirror and spoke, yet no sound could be heard. He could not hear anything, not even the rumbling of the car’s engine, or the tires grinding down the road.

He tapped Mary by the shoulders, who looked at him with distress and fear in her eyes. She cannot speak as well.

Their car ran through the fog faster, as John stepped on the gas. Fear and panic made his feet weigh heavier. Mary seemed hysterical and began to shout, yet not a sound was heard.

John glanced at the rear view again, and saw the figure move closer.

He stepped on the gas more, yet was still mindful that they were driving through a mountainous path with twisting roads in deep fog. However, he could not think of any other thing to do. Stopping to abandon the car seemed an even more stupid idea.

In haste, their car passed through another marker on the road.

John looked at the rear view again, and saw the smile vanished to a frown. He glanced at the road, and back to the mirror again, and the figure was gone!

“Are you alright?” He managed to speak.

“Yes. Somehow.” Mary replied as her fingers held her throat.

The fog cleared and John could see farther down the road once more. He let out a sigh of relief and they continued forward to their journey.



“Do me a favor and let not take this path on our way home, yeah?”



I hope you liked this short story of mine.

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