Sweating Bullets

My phone might be really close to dying out on me.

wrecked iphone
Not my phone, and seems to be in a really worse off condition than mine.Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

However, it is an old phone. An Iphone 6s which was handed down to me from my wife. It also had its screen replaced when it took a dive off a high table and smashed its face up.

Last month, I noticed that the replacement screen has been wiggling off of the front of my phone. That is not a good sign. Static electricity or moisture, a drop of sweat or a tiny splash of water might kill it.

Today, I noticed that there was a crack on the top of its face, right over where the front camera is supposed to be. I am sweating bullets, mostly because I am very close to really replacing this one, and because I am bothered by the damage on the phone. The front camera no longer has a clear image, because the glass that is covering the camera is damaged.

I knew this was coming. In fact, my wife will be renewing her phone plan this month with a new phone package because she had the foresight that my phone will probably not last until the middle of the year. The accident this morning just nudged its end much, much closer.

When my wife renews her phone plan, I will be getting her old phone – an iPhone, which she had been using for two years already. She will be getting an iPhone 11 – the basic one, as soon as it becomes available on our network provider. I called their hotline last night, and it was out of stock.

This has been our strategy for getting a new phone. When our phone plan ends, one of us gets the new phone, and the one with the oldest phone gets handed down the other one. I have always been the one handed down the older phone because I don’t really need to be using the latest and best of the line. As long as it can take calls, run the internet and run my games, I am fine. I can use a phone up until it is dead and gone, haha…

Anyway, the phone I am using now have served me well. It has been with us for six years already, and would have probably lasted longer if only it had not had that unfortunate screen breaking accident a year ago.

I hope the phone my wife wants become available soon. I would feel much better when I have all my files transferred. I don’t think my icloud has enough space for a back-up… but I think I better start a backup plan ASAP. You never know when your device will kick the bucket – most specially when it’s an old device that is walking on a tightrope above a cliff, eh?

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Anyway, I hope you have a nice day. See you around.

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