Flashfiction: The Cat with a Hat

I was on my way home passing by my usual paths when I encountered a strange and unusual sight.

selective focus photography orange tabby cat looking up
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

There, in the middle of the walkway sat an orange cat. At first it was busy cleaning and licking itself, but then it stopped and stared at me with those green eyes. However, it was not the way the cat looked at me that was unusual, it was that this cat wore a black top hat. The hat was small, just the right size for the cat’s small head.

Perplexed and intrigued, I stopped in front of it a good distance away. Was the hat the idea of a pet owner to adorn their kitty with a fancy accessory? Or perhaps there was something more to this tabby that it was letting me on.

I stepped closer, and its ears perked up.

What I saw next sent shivers down my spine… The orange cat with the tiny hat smiled.

I thought I was seeing things, and was ready to run the other way.

“Don’t be alarmed,” I heard a voice. It was a deep voice that vibrated with the insides of my skull. I looked at the cat, but its mouth seemed to not be moving, and it still held its smile.

My mouth dropped as my fingers start to shake as I pointed at the cat.

“Was that you?”

The cat’s smile disappeared. “Of course it’s me. This body seem to lack the proper parts to communicate with you.”

My instincts were telling me to run, flee, escape. I seem to be in the presence of something that I do not comprehend, and I must get away as far as I can.

I tried, but my body was frozen in place. It felt like my feet were bolted to the ground.

“What do you need from me?” My voice shook a bit, but my deliver was still somewhat coherent. Frankly, I was more concerned about people seeing me talking to a cat than being in the presence of a cat with psychic powers.

When I ask, the cat’s demeanor changed once more. It began to grin. It smiled larger and larger…

Then I realized it was not smiling. It was opening its jaws!

The gruesome transformation from smile to bite was quick, and in an instant its jaws was larger than my body.

My eyes grew wide.

Run. Run. RUN!

I felt the pain from my hand. It would seem that I had been gripping my hand to a tight fist the entire time. The grip was intense enough to wound me with my nails.

The cat’s massive jaws closed in and chomped down. It even took a large bite out of the ground.

As it closed down, however, I managed to move out of its way.

“Tsk,” The voice in my head tutted.

I crawled on the ground a bit, rolled around and ran away without looking back.

Ever since that day I avoided walking that way ever again.

—- oo —

I hope you liked this short story of mine.

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