Don’t Trust Your Memory

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I knew that our memory is fallible. I read articles in the past, similar to this one (“Why does the human brain create false memories?“), that our brain fills in the blanks on things that it thinks to be the most possible.

The other day, I was busy looking for a shelving , which from what we recall consists of three layers, in increasing sizes. It was installed in our living room before we had it remodeled.  I looked everywhere for the longest one. I looked under beds, inside closets, even had the nagging feeling that we might have thrown or given it away. My wife believes that we had them stored.

Did we really have a third shelf?

I dug up photos of that shelving and lo, and behold… It was indeed only a two-piece set. There was no third one!

From what I can remember, we were planning to indeed get a third one, but due to the height of the third shelf being too low, we scrapped that idea.

However, it still amazes me how our brain fills in the details, even to the point of making us believe a falsehood to be real.

How much of what we recall is real, and how much of it has been fabricated by our own brain?

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