Trying Something New For 2020

During New Year’s Eve preparations, while rummaging for things to be used for cooking, and stashing in the turbo broiler we used for Christmas Diner, I saw our electronic keyboard.

I thought nothing of it, but before I stashed it back in the cabinet where it was stored, I plugged it in and hammered a few notes. Hammered because I barely know how to play.

close up photo of person playing piano
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The keyboard is far from professional, and we bought it for the purpose of studying. For years, it gathered some dust inside the storage cabinet.

However, I had the sudden urge to study music again.

Last year was writing, and now music? Oh boy…

Well, so far, I had only put in fifteen minutes of practice, and I ain’t no Beethoven. I had to put the volume way down because my practice session was more of a pain to hear than musical.

In any case, with more time on my hands, I might picky up studying to play the keyboards again. Perhaps I can actually get to memorizing a complete song, and hopefully get to be able to sight-read those tadpoles on paper also known as musical notes.

Ah… but I still need to keep up my writing.

This post is starting to look like some sort of New Year’s Resolution, huh?

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