The Last Day of 2019

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I woke up on the morning of  January 1, 2020 with an aching shoulder and torso… what in the world did I do yesterday…
December 31, 2019 had been a busy day. We had to pick up our order of food for our new year’s celebration at home later that afternoon. In the morning, however, we still had some buying to do.

The wife prepared Buko Salad, and that morning we had to buy the main ingredient. She also had other things to buy like round fruits, which as per tradition, is believed to bring prosperity and luck most specially if you got 12 different kinds on your table. We were not able to have all 12, but some was better than none.
My mother-in-law (who lives a few blocks away) tagged along because she also had to buy things, among them was half a sack of rice for her store.
Traffic was horrendous, and parking was equally hard. I had to park the car almost an entire block away from the store. I had to haul the small sack from the store to the car. Well, the distance was not that bad. I could lift that load in that distance, however due to the sea of people and street-side vendors in the streets, carrying a heavy load has been more like traversing an obstacle course. I had to carry it on my shoulders, lower it when the passageway was narrow, lift it back up, all the while attempting to dodge people on the sidewalk to avoid smashing their face in with a half sack of rice. Now I remember why my body was aching this morning – I practically was having weight training yesterday.
After eating lunch, we went to pick up the food we ordered – pizzas, lasagna, pancit and uncooked barbecue.
That evening, preparations for the new year celebration was kicked off by a small impromptu barbecue party. I was finally able to figure out how to run the speaker wires behind the wall of our tv rack. The builders had left a guide wire inside between the two holes on the wall. One was behind the tv, and the other hole was inside the floating cabinet. It seems I was doing it all wrong by trying to find a way to drop a line in the hole when the builders already had it available. With speakers set up and connected to the tv, I found some party music on youtube, played in on the tv, and amplified the music with the speakers. I also ran a speaker to the porch where my wife and mother-in-law were tending to the barbecue.
Once the meats were cooked and the table was set, we even had time to drop by my parent’s house. They were just ten minutes away. After the short visit, my wife and me were able to return home fifteen minutes before midnight struck.
I had to gather the cats and lock them in our room so the fireworks don’t spook them that much.
I was not expecting a lot of fireworks. It had been raining that night, but the showers stopped before midnight. There were not that many explosions, but the cats were feeling terrified. I turned on the tv and left it on to somehow drown the noise outside.
Our dogs were a different story. They replied to each explosion with a defiant bark.
How was your new year’s celebration? I hope your new year’s celebration had been fun, an that 2020 will bring prosperity and more blessings to all of us.

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