Five Uses For Electricity We Often Take For Granted

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It has been five days since Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy) hit our country. While our city did not experience the brunt of its strength, we were under its huge eyewall for a moment.
That said, our home has been without electricity for seven days, too. While we have a small generator that we run for a few hours a day, there are things that the tiny generator cannot support.
Here are five things that electricity has been conveniently providing us, which I am slowly realizing to be important.

  1. Food Preservation. Refrigeration has been a great gift of electricity. When power went down, we had to go through whatever few things we had on stock in our fridge and cooked them, or else they will spoil. Fried foods last longer, hence the chicken we had in the freezer was fried two days after electricity was not restored.

  2. Laundry. I have been washing our clothes with a washing machine for quite some time. I have not hand washed my laundry in years. I have realized that it takes a lot of time. Drying them takes a lot longer, too. Plus our home was not equipped for hand washing, hence we lack the equipment. There is not enough basins and pails in our home. Hence, my laundry is slowly piling up. I can’t wait for the electricity to get restored so I can get to washing this pile up. Also, no electricity means no ironing, hence, my clothes are all wrinkled up.

  3. Device charging. Phones and gadgets uses battery that requires electricity to get charged. With no electricity, their use is limited, and they get easily drained. Power banks can extend the life for a bit, but they are another thing you have to charge. We also have a rechargeable electric fan and a rechargeable emergency light to use. The fan lasts up to five hours when fully charged. But you have to charge it for six to eight hours.

  4. Lights. Without electricity, it gets dark really fast, and it can be really uncomfortable working on things in the dark. There is only so much light a flashlight can give you. Then, there’s that feeling that a dark, empty street barely lit by anything apart from the few passing cars can give you. It feels hollow and scary.

  5. Television and internet. Last on my list is probably entertainment. The internet has been engraved into our lives that it seems to be part of our daily routine already. Without electricity, I was not able to do my regular posting, and was not able to keep myself up to date with most of the things that I usually do. While my phone has mobile internet, there are limits to data, plus, like I said above, their operation hours are limited.

Bonus: Cooking. I cook rice in a rice cooker, and without electricity, I had to go old-school and relearn how to cook rice on a stove.
What gift has electricity been giving  you that you have been taking for granted? Would you manage a long blackout?

Electricity is being slowly restored to our city, but our place of business and our home has been unfortunate and has not been energized ever since the power was cut off. I am optimistic, though, and yet it gives me a feeling of disappointment every time I see our area pitch black at night, while the other blocks are brightly lit.

The distribution lines that leads to our home has been badly damaged. I heard there were some toppled poles.  What really gets me frustrated is the condition of our store’s electricity supply. It is located in the city center – which is in the priority for restoration, but our block has not been restored yet. I heard that it is due to a lot of cut lines. I hope that power gets restored this week.

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