Fighting My Editor to Finish My Draft

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There are only four days left until the end of NANOWRIMO. The challenge is ending, and so is my motivation to completing a “really awesome story.”

My excitement and enthusiasm for this fantasy-adventure story I have been writing for NANOWRIMO is dangerously low. So low that it might break the habit I have built up of slowly writing in words to complete it.

I think my inner editor is slowly breaking free of his bonds. That, or he is yelling at me from the cell in which I have tossed him in.

Either way, it is eating at me and making me doubt myself.

I have mentioned my novel draft to my sister who also reads novels. I said that if I manage to get this story out of the gate and ready for readers, I was hoping if she would take a look at it. “Criticize and destroy it as much as you can,” I said. I was confident that it would at least hold up to the assaults. However, with my draft still on its way, I am now having second thoughts on whether my confidence in my work has any basis at all.

Like I said, I inadvertently consulted my inner editor and he is heckling and criticizing me already before I have completed the draft.

“Shut up, Editor Me.” I raised my fist in defiance, looked around for something to throw and after seeing a small rock, tossed it in the dark depths of the dungeons.

“Ow!” My inner editor yelled. “Resulting to violence now, are we? Oh… just you wait… You can’t hold me here forever. When I do get out… You shall incur my wrath!”

Yeah, I’m practically shaking in my booties here.

With my story near completion, I am sort of stuck.

There are two ways I can do it – I can continue the current arc, and get it to the end, or stick in something new and probably delay the end. Both has good and bad sides to them.

If I finish the story now, I am going to end up with a story less than 30,000 words. Hopefully more than 20,000, but definitely less than 30,000. It is not that bad. It ain’t a novel, so my NANOWRIMO is a fail, but I do end up with a novella. My inner editor is whispering to me that my story sucks and I should spice it up a bit, but doing so would halt my draft’s progress. Frankly, I am starting to feel that my story does suck and my confidence in it is waning.

If I add in more story arcs, it might get more words, but it does not seem to make sense story-wise. I don’t really like fillers, and me resulting to one seems counterproductive. Is padding the word count really necessary? What will my characters gain from more story plot? I don’t think it will help.

I am very tempted to end it now and get to editing. Perhaps I could fix some things with how the story is told if I start my editing. I have recently read about an article saying that telling a story in a non-chronological order might help. Although I cannot play around that method of storytelling if I haven’t penned down the actual story in a chronological order first.

That is all for now… How is your NANOWRIMO entry doing? We are in the final stretch, and I hope yours is doing much, much better than the pile of slush and hogwash that I have here. Haha…

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