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I am currently stuck in my NANOWRIMO draft.

I am at approximate 16,600 words as of writing this post, and with the month ending by next week, I doubt I will be able to make the cut.

It would be nice if I could find a way to advance the story. Now, normally, I would skip a part I do not know what to do in the story. I can assume that it may be not that necessary or probably can be resolved by a nice flashback… However, it is another story when you arrive at the potential climax of the story and realize that you are stuck.

How am I stuck? Well, let’s just say that I placed my main characters in such a dire situation, that even I, as the writer, could not potentially see a way for them to live through that said situation. I want to save them, but I can’t just do it without making use of “plot armor” or some “deus ex machina”.

Have you ever had such a situation? What did you do? Go back in the draft and “made it a bit easier”? Or did you push on with what you had?

Actually, I might have an idea now that I am typing this up. The details may not make much sense, the way I get them out of the mess I put my characters might be bordering plot armor… but I will fix that in editing.

“I will fix that in editing.” This has been my mantra for getting through with my NANOWRIMO draft this year. I am close to exceeding my story words compared to last year, but compared to last year, I lost focus and direction. That was the result of me pantsing away at a novel. It was fun, it was creative, but in the end, I got lost and dropped the project. Whoops.

Now, it’s different. It may suck, it may not be the best for now, but whether it takes me until December, or whenever, I will finish the first draft.

So, this is me, just working out a writer’s block. 😀

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