When Things Don’t Go As Planned

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I was expecting our financial situation to take a bit of a breather this month with the release of a few benefits from work. Last month’s loan, though it was not enough, sort of made a buffer to enable me to turn some debts that were late by a month to be updated.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck in the form of my wife’s dentures. One of her teeth which served as an anchor for her dental jacket rot, and her jacket came loose. A dental appointment was in order. I dreaded the expenses.

True enough, the costs were high, and I am left with the feeling of dread and despair. How will I continue? How will I survive? I can feel the grip of creditors tightening at my neck.

It is also frustrating that business is not doing well, and the pressure to generate more income to meet all of our financial needs is at my lap. I wish it was that easy. I cannot just pick up another job after my current job. I am already working full time, and after my work, I help run our business.

It can be hard to keep myself together when I can see everything being ripped apart. There was a time when I said that one wrong move and I’d probably fall and fail… I can’t help but think that this is that “wrong move” that I was fearing.

I want to me mad at my situation, I want to scream be angry… but to whom must I direct this? I really don’t know, and I am practically rambling at this point.

When things don’t go as planned, everything is a mess. It can be hard getting back on track from the big mess that is my life, most specially when I feel that I am alone on this crisis, and that I have to bear everything by myself. I am at a point where I don’t think anything I am doing matters, and that there is no point.

That is all for now. Later.


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