What Else Can I Do? Writing a Resume

Working on a resume is a mind-racking experience.

While it may seem that the process is easy and quick to do, there are some aspects of it that I find hard – most specially the listing of skills.

person writing on paper on top of table
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When applying for a job, the resume is the short summary of you as a person, and we use it as a way to present ourselves in a manner that hopefully our potential employer may see to be useful in their company. The basic information is easy. Our educational and personal background is mostly a copy-and-paste of every previous resume that we have made and written, regardless of who our employer is. But that is not what sells.

The skills sell.

I believe that the most important aspect of a resume is where you highlight your skills. This is the part where you show off what you can do, and how you can be of value to the company you are planning to work with.

However, I find that finding our skills involve a bit of extra work. It is sort of the thing that we can only answer either when someone asks us about what we know about a specific subject, makes us work on something, or unless we think deeply on the subject.

You’ll probably never know what you can do, or realize that you can actually do it, unless you have tried it.

What I’m trying to say is that our skills in life requires acknowledgement, either from ourselves, or from the people around us. It is not as easy as it is games where a skill is acquired from clicking on a checkbox.

When I was looking at a bunch of skills written on a freelancer site, I realized that there were some skills written there that I know, but haven’t realized that it was an important and valuable skill.

Take wordpress blogging, for example. I have been using the wordpress platform for a long while, even up to the point of being able to create custom CSS templates. Unfortunately, that skill has become a bit rusty due to neglect and misuse (you can’t really create custom templates with a free blog). However, what I saw as an integral part of webdesign, was actually an important skill. Being able to create templates for wordpress requires a lot of knowledge, both on programming and in art. While I can’t say that my skill is of high caliber, I have this skill and can probably say that it may be something that I can work on. I wouldn’t have realized this if I haven’t seen that list.

My blogging skills, though? Uh… Next topic, please. 🙂

“Skill Acquired”

Unlike in games, we don’t really get notified of the various skills that we have managed to obtain. I can was dishes – is that a skill? Perhaps. If I work in the kitchen, yes, that is a useful skill. But I can’t use that in blogging, right?

Ah, where am I going with this… I’m rambling again…

[Rambling Skill Unlocked]


In any case, I probably should get back to thinking up what relevant skills I have with regards to being a consultant. I saw this job hiring recently that involves consultancy work, and since I am interested in probably making my own business consulting firm, I need to build up the experience, even if it means starting from the bottom.

See you around, and have a nice day.

Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

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