What I Learned From Blogging

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Hello, how are you doing? Welcome back.

Today, I thought I’d talk about the things that I have learned from being a blogger.

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Anyway, let’s get on with today’s post.

What I learned from blogging:

  1. Be more opinionated.
    Before I started blogging, I barely wrote what was on my mind. I mostly kept things to myself.Blogging, however, changed that. Not only was I able to express my thoughts and opinions on things much easier, it also helped me to organize my thoughts in a more understandable manner.

    Blogging became the starting point to my path to being a writer.

  2. Finding my own voice.
    There’s this thing in blogging called “finding your own voice.” Basically, it means that you should be able to write up a blog in the manner by which you speak. It gives your posts more of your personality.

    Blogging helped me write as I speak.

    Later on, my blogging habit also helped me when I am delivering speeches. It helped me speak more comfortably, because the speeches I wrote were more similar to how I would normally speak them.

  3. Become a better writer.
    With blogging regularly, I was able to practice my writing. Before I blogged, the most writing I got was when we were required to do so in class. With blogging as a form of mental exercise, I was able to improve my writing.A skill improves with regular use and practice. If you want to be a better writer – be it a fiction or nonfiction writer, I highly suggest you start a blog. There are a lot of benefits a writer can get from having a well-maintained blog.
  4. Confidence
    I learned to be more confident in myself through blogging. I find that it takes a lot of courage to not only speak your mind out, but to also share that thought to the rest of the world.Countless times, I have second-guessed my posts. I asked whether they are good enough, or if they are worth sharing. Often, I’d leave a post unfinished in the drafts because I lost confidence in my own ability.

    Blogging made me more confident with talking with strangers, somehow.

  5. Be a Content Creator
    “Content Creator” is a new term for me. I never thought of blogging as “creating content”. I thought it was merely writing. I guess I was wrong.However, with blogging, came the mindset of a content creator. I started to think in terms of what you, my audience, would appreciate. While I do write what I like and share things that I want, I also have to consider the value to which you, my readers, would gain from it.

    There was a time where I blogged for absolutely no sense at all. Well, it was funny and amusing at the time… Heh.

  6. Various miscellaneous website things
    Insert a ton of wordpress things here.Seriously, though, I haven’t thought that being able to use and do things on wordpress would be considered a valuable skill. I could even make custom themes – but since I am running “free” wordpress here, I can’t use it.

    What wordpress things are we talking about? Keywords, tags, proper titles for search engine optimzation (SEO), pages, post scheduling… I think there are more but those are the things that jumped off the top of my head as I was writing this.

    If you work on your own blog, apart from the actual blogging thing, you’re practically a web designer an web developer already.


Well, those are not the only things I learned from blogging, but certainly those are the most notable. I hope that I’m not forgetting anything… Hahaha…

Blogging is a skill, as with maintaining a blogging website. With constant practice of the skill, you are bound to be better at it.

What did you learn from being a blogger? How similar or different are we in terms of lessons learned from this writing craft?

Anyway, that is all for now…

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Have a nice day!

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