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Hello! Glad you could drop by. Today, I thought I’d touch on the subject of getting ideas for blogging content – or any other content creation that you may be in to, such as vlogs (which is practically blogging, but in video format).

Now, this is a topic best suited for new creators and bloggers. So, I humbly ask the experts who might stumble upon this blog to add anything that I missed. Let’s get started!

1. Think

Giving yourself some quiet time to think may be the best way for you to get some content up and running. What are you obsessing about at the moment? What ideas are running in your brain now? They could be a good source of material.

Good content for blogs are those that other people would want to read and consume. They could be a solution to a problem, or perhaps an experience of a problem you are having, which might be of help to other people.

I tend to be very busy and there are only a few places where I can have some quiet time to think – the shower, the john, and in the commute to and from work. When an idea comes up, I hold on to it as long as I can, grab my phone and write down the idea. Any note app works, but I have Evernote. It’s a very useful tool for keeping notes and ideas organized and easily accessible everywhere (thanks to the data being stored on the cloud).  When I’m in front of a PC, I can just open up the Evernote website, and look up the notes I have on blogging ideas (which I sometimes organize with tags, or just toss in a dedicated notebook for all things blogging).

2. Read

The way I see it, the content we put out is a product of the things we put in. The media we consume influences us and the way we think and the things we talk about. If you want to write something, you must have read something first.

“You can’t draw water from an empty well.”

For the past few months, most of the things I read are either game-related or from the manga I am reading. As of now, I’m reading about human civilization that has been reset to the stone age due to some strange green light petrifying the human race, and a high-school student scientist prodigy who managed to wake up from the petrification, bent to reviving the entire human race with science (Dr. Stone). Which means, most of the information I have is about the manga, and I could probably write up a few opinion, commentary or review about the said manga. (I also watch the anime, but reading the manga allows me to follow the story faster… heh.)

3. Watch

What have you watched lately which have affected you, enough to draw a reaction from you? Was it something in the news? Was is something from tv series that you follow? Write about it. Don’t keep your opinion to yourself. It might prove insightful to someone, or at the least, place your voice in from among the countless masses who also have an opinion on the matter.

4. Experienced

What happened to you lately that you wish to share? While we may not be jumping off planes on a regular basis to make as exciting content for blogs, even our everyday, ordinary life can be interesting, amusing and worth sharing.


I hope by the time you reached this point, you have some ideas in your head which might be potential seeds for good, creative content.

Basically, it’s all about what you want to share to your audience.

Also, if you ever think to yourself that you lack the skill – say, you are not that a skillful writer, fret not – everyone starts from zero. Keep working at it, practice, and in time, your writing skill will improve. Take comments more constructively.

Thanks for reading. If you haven’t, please subscribe to my blog. I have more informative, helpful, and even cool things in the future. If you wish to support me in anyway, please consider checking out my Ko-Fi page, or my Patreon Page or drop by my redbubble shop.

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Have a nice day!


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5 thoughts on “Getting Content Ideas for Blogging”

  1. great suggestions. I would add “observe”. I think I’ve become much better at being aware of what is going on around me, because I am always looking for blog ideas!

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