Our Dog Got A Deadly Disease

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Photo by Akshar Dave on Pexels.com

In my previous post, I mentioned that our puppy has been vomiting for a few days, so we had to took her to the vet yesterday.

“It’s positive,” the vet said while he showed us a white plastic strip with two red lines.

We found out that she caught the dreaded parvo virus –  a bug that is deadly to dogs if left untreated.

Fortunately, she seems strong and the vet is confident that she will pull through. She needs to be confined for at least three days, however.

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She’s a stray we picked up a few months ago, whom we saw wandering around the streets late at night near our car. When I called, she approached, and we took her in.

Now, she’s fighting for her life.

We left her to be confined at the clinic, an IV drip stuck on her right paw, and two injections of medicines performed by the vet while I held on to her so does not bite. She yelped in pain with each consecutive needle.

I am worried. Of course, I’m worried. There are never any certainty with illnesses, and complications may crop up and stab you in the back anytime.

Her illness knocked my finances back by a significant amount. We actually had to borrow money from my mother-in-law for the downpayment, one which I was not too proud to do, but had to, or our little furball’s life is going to be forfeit.

When it comes to our finances, this year has really been a humbling experience.  My pride as the provider of the family has been grounded to a pulp. However, if I stick to my pride like a stubborn rock on the ground, I doubt I will be able to survive…

So I guess I got another debt written down in my ledgers, and one which has a higher value than the money involved.

At the moment, I am struggling with where and how I will raise the funds needed once the medical treatments are done. I only hope that she pulls through by the third day so our bills don’t pile up. It costs at least P1,500 ($30) per day.

I really would not want to do this had I not been backed in a corner, but I have to. I am opening my paypal account (paypal.me/jomz) for donations of any amount which will help defray expenses for our dog’s vet bills.

I also learned that the Philippines is not included in gofundme’s area of operations… go figure.

Anyway, that is all for now. We will visit our little dog later and I will post an update by then.

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That is all for now, I do hope you have a nice day!


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