A Busy Body, An Idle Mind

Hello! I’m glad that you could drop by.

I haven’t been able to post anything this week, mainly because I have been very busy, and nothing notable to post has surfaced from my head for the past few days. Well, there might be some, but the inner editor in me often objects.

Fortunate for me, as of the moment, blogging seems to be a productive output for my procrastination today. Heh.

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I find that forming an article from thin air can be difficult to do when exhausted. Most often I’d rather sit in a corner doing nothing after a very long day. Then, there are times when I’m too exhausted that I’d fall asleep where I sat down.

I don’t even know if this is post-worthy. Truly, self-doubt can be very debilitating. However, I have to break this habit. What habit? The habit of being too complacent of not having any good posts in this blog.

If you have been here a while  you’d probably have known that one of my techniques for breaking a writing block is also writing. I let my mind wander, or I’d just up and complain about not being able to write. The process somehow clears the cobwebs, and gets the gears running again.

The same can be said here. I want to post, but I seem to not have lost the ability. Am I lacking in confidence? Am I doubting myself? Perhaps – but what better way to get over this than by taking the problem head-on, right?

What have I been up to lately?

Well, I have been binge-reading the Attack on Titan manga. I started from the very beginning again. Last I checked my manga list, I stopped at chapter 50. However, instead of picking it up from where I left off, since it has been years since I last read it, I thought I’d restart it. Have you ever had that experience where you wish or hope that an event will turn out different when you re-read/re-watch it, despite the fact that you are going through it the second time around?

I also watched the currently airing Dr. Stone, and Vinland Saga, and hoping to finish the first season of The Promised Neverland.

I was really excited for the Vinland Saga anime. I have been reading the manga, and have stopped when the story hit a point where it is a spoiler to talk about. Let’s just say that the story slowed down a bit when I was up-to-date with the manga, and put it down to let it build up some chapters, and now it is in my reading list waiting to be picked up again.

Sometimes I just want to take a break and turn the brain off, you know?

Being a creator uses up energy. It can be really hard to make anything when you’re dead tired, eh?

I apologize for this post, and hopefully I haven’t wasted much of your time. I hope I can get a better quality post up soon.

I just needed to get myself out of this rut.

Thank you, and have a nice day!


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