Ready to Rock

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This post is in response to a weekly flash fiction prompt challenge at the Carrot Ranch for August 1-6.

I was made aware of this challenge via a post in Borden’s Blog – Challenge Accepted: Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Rock Star.

I couldn’t resist a good flash fiction challenge. This week’s challenge:

August 1, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a rock star. You can feature a central character or write about the feeling like a rock star. Go where the prompt leads!

The noise was deafening, yet he could hear nothing but the loud thumping of his own heart.

Jeffrey was ready.

The stage they were on was small, but the venue was packed. Jeffrey cradled his electric guitar and placed his fingers on the first chord he needed to hit.

He looked up at George, their singer. He was beaming, a smile on his face stretched from ear to ear. George pointed a finger at Mark, their drummer.

Mark pointed back at George with his drumstick, and banged on the drums.

Today they will win the battle of the bands.


Well, that was an interesting challenge – only 99 words for a short story. Fortunate for me I was able to finish this with 100 words, and had to cut out just one word.

Frankly, this type of story is too short for my liking. I feel like I could write this scene up with more words, or at least expand on the idea even more. But the challenge was a refreshing take for writing prompts for me, most specially since it limited the work to only 99 words.

For those who write six-word stories, I’m sure 99 words is easy for you… hahaha… I’m more into long, wordy challenges, like the annual NANOWRIMO where you got to complete a novel in a month by writing at least 50,000 words.

Well, I hope you liked my story, and while it is technically August 7 when I wrote this here in the Philippines, I think it is still the 6th for most of you folks in the United States. I hope this makes the cut! Hahaha…

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5 thoughts on “Ready to Rock”

    1. Thanks you very much. I am glad you liked it. I hope I can keep on writing more of these challenges. It does look interesting. 😀

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