What Do You Know?

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The most basic thing we know may be a new and unknown thing for others.

You never know what others do not know unless you start talking about it.

Just the other month, my wife’s younger brother had difficulty with his laptop’s hard disk. It kept saying “disk device not found”. A quick google search told me that the connectors for the disk and the board might be at fault. I told him that he need to check the connections, probably pop the laptop open and push in the connecting ribbons to make sure that nothing was knocked loose.

A few days later, my wife’s elder sister messaged her about their computer monitor acting up. Something about not receiving any signal, and turns off immediately. I did a quick google search and found out that the connectors between the monitor and the CPU might be the problem. They could try checking the connections if anything is not connected properly, or try a new cable if they have any lying around. I wondered why their son – who is already a teenager does not know how to troubleshoot his own device.

It was then that I realized something… The things we know may not be what everyone else knows. Due to either our own unique experiences, interests and hobbies, we experience the world differently than others, and therefore, we acquire knowledge differently.

I know computers and tech things because it is my hobby and interest. I built my first PC off of handed down parts from my cousins when I was in college. I know how to work with computer problems either through what I have experienced before, or by researching it in the internet. I understand computer jargon because I am familiar with it. The “error messages” that the computer gives when there is a problem is easy for me to understand.

For my wife’s siblings, though, it would seem that they are not knowledgeable in that area and would have to seek assistance for it.

I understand.

I understand, because I, too am ignorant in a lot of areas. I originally did not know how to change a car’s tire. I had to call up my father to show me the ropes. I did not know how to drill holes in walls, and have only learned last year.

Our knowledge is fueled by necessity. We don’t have to know, when we don’t need to know.

I don’t know how to wire up a solar panel system, for example. As of the moment, I don’t need to know, either. If electrical systems is not in my line of interests, there is no need for me to study on it, either. However, if I decided that I want to have my house running on solar power, then I would probably have to learn at least the basics. I don’t need to learn the gritty details, unless I will be installing it myself.

What I’m saying is that we should not be surprised, nor offended, if we meet an individual who is ignorant of a field that we know. Let’s take this as an opportunity to teach, specially if the said individual expresses a desire to learn.

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Know?”

  1. I wish more people had your attitude. Some experts like to flaunt their knowledge. Your post reminds mea bit of the book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance…

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