I Wish Life Has an Undo Button

I accidentally broke my mother-in-law’s glass jar this morning when I was washing the dishes…

I’m sweating bullets and in a state of despair.

The glass jar was used to hold beef “sinigang” (sour stew). It was very greasy, and I was having a hard time cleaning it. Then I remembered warm water can remove the grease. I boiled water and poured it in the the jar.

As soon as I poured water and it hit the jar, I heard a click sound.

My heart stopped.

The jar broke from a small crack. The entire bottom part separated from the jar.

The water must have been too hot, or the jar was still cool from being washed in morning tap water…

Either way, I’m screwed.

The wife is particularly upset with me for my screw-up.

A similar kind of jar, but with a different design from the one I broke…

The jar was something my mother-in-law acquired when she was working in Italy, so replacing it would be hard. She has long retired from working there as an overseas worker, and this was among the things that she has brought with her.

The jar is also something that my wife is fond of, and she likes the design. I’m going to get a boat-load of crap when this hits the fan.

I haven’t been able to talk to my mother-in-law yet, but I am scared to tell her of the unfortunate news… But, I have to. It is at least my duty for the screw-up I did.

In any case, I really do wish there is some kind of “undo” button to rewind life to make us fix the mistakes that we have made in life. Either big or small ones.

I hope you have a nice day.


Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

15 thoughts on “I Wish Life Has an Undo Button”

  1. How did you get so far in life without realising hot water on cold glass is a disaster lol… That the type of mistake that would make rewind useful. Because of the sentimetal value of the jar. But it is only a thing. You may be able to find one on ebay or a store of that nature.

    1. Thanks for the tip.

      I think my brain forgot or something. I was half-asleep, and probably did not think the glass was too cold… oof…

      1. I would like some advice on how to make pages for my blog please. Someone recommended you, so I am now following yours and enjoying it. Oh, and if you put very hot water into glass, put a spoon in first. It conducts the heat and the glass won’t break .

      2. Thanks for more tips. I’d have to remember this spoon trick.

        Give me a few minutes, I’ll craft a post for you so it will be more detailed and easy to understand.

  2. Sometimes, I wish life had an undo button too 🙃. That would be so handy.
    But I know someone who will always forgive you and love you, whether you mess up big-time or… Small-time. 😉
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  3. Oh, no ! Glass from Italy and that once in a lifetime stuff – not replaceable ! Same design would be better.

    Perhaps, you may take her to a nice dinner and at the end, break the news. Hot water + Glass !!

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