I Can Rarely Write on Weekends

Writing involves thinking.

Well, at least for me, I’d have to think about what I’m writing, tap it on a keyboard, and see what I have managed to string together. If it’s garbage, I’d start hitting the backspace faster than a monkey infected with the rage virus. If it somehow makes sense, the words stay on screen.

man using laptop computer
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Simple enough process, right?

Weekends, though, I barely have time to think.

I’m either swamped with house work, or busy doing things not involving sitting and thinking.

While it may seem like a productive weekend for non-writers, for a writer, that is a terrible way to spend time on.

I am in no way a professional writer, though. I don’t earn my living through writing (yet), but I would like to be able to earn some decent living off of my writing. And I know how terrible not writing on the weekends can be. Weekdays are full of non-writing work. It’s when I am doing my regular work things. Sure, I can sneak in a few articles or blog post once a day, but I am not able to have enough time for novels, stories or other writing things.

And it’s a damn shame.

Time management be damned. Sure, writing a few sentences here and there is not that hard to do. I can sneeze out a paragraph if I have to. But my main issue is probably my own fault.

My inability to write on weekends in entirely my own fault. I can’t sit down, have a quiet cup of coffee and do some writing. I’m too busy cleaning the house, taking the dogs out, cleaning the floor that the pup peed on because she still needs some housebreaking to do, waking up late, and working on the store.

Hey, did you just say “waking up late”?

Oh, I hoped you would not have caught that one. I was hoping that you would not see– Hey, a shiny object! Look!

As I was saying, entirely my fault. Could you blame a guy for trying to catch a break on the weekends? I have been working my butt off for the rest of the week…

However, if I do want to write, I’m sure I can squeeze in some thinking while I’m sitting on the throne doing my business… Hahaha…

Seriously, though, in terms of writing, how productive are you?

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Author: jomz

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2 thoughts on “I Can Rarely Write on Weekends”

  1. Ugh, a writer’s time management: not my favorite topic lol. I get into phases where it kills me not to write, the words just keep buzzing around. I can’t stop scribbling, thinking, typing, re-reading. Then, everything stops and I can’t write a word – that’s the anxiety-inducing part. I’ve got two little ones, so a writer’s schedule is not helpful. Lol. This writing nonsense started when I was a kid, but I’ve only just now leaned into it (at 26, still a kid). I used to try and fight it away – dumb. Left me feelin’ even more like a loser. Doesn’t really matter, just scribble a thought down every spare second you can get.

    1. It can get anxiety inducing indeed when you can’t seem to write anything!

      Yes, it helps to jot down whenever an idea comes to mind.

      Thanks for the tip! 😀

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