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It’s getting harder to breathe,
I’m getting dizzy.
The world’s closing in on me.
Someone help me.

I’m sitting in this corner,
I just want it to be over,
Hope is just a sliver.
The torment feels forever.

I want to scream out, shout, I can’t take it no more
What am I doing here? Who is it all for?
I’m surrounded by dirt and gore,
Abhor, I just want to roar!

It doesn’t make sense, I know
There’s no reason to the flow,
I want to stand up and go,
Find a better place than this sad sap show.

I must survive, make it to the next day,
Cling to a forgotten faith, heavens pray.
I will survive, tomorrow is a new day,
This may be hell, but I’ll forge a new way.

Stand up and go!
Give up and it’s a no show,
Keep on going, grow,
There is still hope, I know.


By Jomz Ojeda

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