Be Careful When Investing Money In Business

Have you ever found yourself in a tight corner, in despair with almost nowhere to go?

That’s what I feel now after I received a notification from my bank. I am two months due for my home loan payments, and I am now very close to probably getting sued and evicted.

I thought I could stretch it out until my next paycheck on the 15th. I thought I could make it and survive for a few more days. One more week…

Then I received the bank’s message.

I felt like a truck hit me.

Aside from my work, we also run a small store. It’s not much, a mom and pop store. With recent economy changes, and a change in the business environment, it has been struggling.

Due to that, last year, we decided to diversify our funds. We invested a big chunk of money to a call center business that sells auto insurance. However, that also failed due to various problems. We are still in the process of recovering our investments from the owner who still owes us around $600. I tried contacting them so we could get some cash to alleviate my current financial problems, but I got nothing.

My wife also tried to retail clothes online. It went sort of well at the start, yet somehow, she ended up with too many inventory and too little sales. I was not sure of the details, but it was a bad purchase, and there were other issues with her sister as her business partner, and ultimately, it became difficult to continue the business. I was not directly involved with it because it was my wife’s and her sister’s business venture. Unfortunately, it was our money she invested, with the hope of increasing our funds.

I cannot borrow any more money from my parents. I already owe them a lot in cash. They helped us when we had to transfer our store’s location, and also paid for my car’s registration.

Business is a gamble. It is a risk. I placed a bet, and lost. However, it can be very difficult in trying to recover from such a blow. It is hard to admit, but I really do need your help.

My paycheck on the 15th is actually budgeted for our home mortgage. But it can only pay for a month’s worth. Then I also have a bunch of credit card bills due (which were a result of us borrowing cash to be invested into our business at a time when business was doing good).

Basically, my paycheck is shot and dead even before it arrives.

I have been looking into making more money on my free time, and so far, the closest result I got is being a freelance article writer. It’s not much. It’s very small at the moment, but in time, it might grow bigger.

But I don’t have time now. I don’t know what to do.

If you want to help me out, I have an on-line shop at Redbubble where I have fan-related things, inserted with a few original designs. If you would buy anything from my store, I’d be really grateful.

You can also donate via paypal here.

I really need to raise funds for my home mortgage. I would be very grateful for any help that would keep from living on the streets… hopefully not get sued…

Update #1. We will pay the minimum amount that the bank is asking for us today with our store’s rent money. We will try to delay our store’s landlord as long as we can, and probably use today’s sales to cover for what was used. The store’s coffers and shelves are looking mighty bare at the moment though…

Update #2: My mother and father loaned me money to cover for the store’s rent for this month. That’s a bit of something off my chest. Thank you very much.

Also, some random internet stranger bought something from my Redbubble shop. I thought that would be enough to release my sales for the past few months so I could get paid. When I checked my sales, however, I saw that I was still $1 shy of the payout threshold (which did not exist before) for the month. Ouch. Anyway, still thankful.

Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

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