If I Ever Found A Giant Robot



If I ever found a giant robot, I sure hope I can figure out how to drive that thing!

It would be a big waste if in the process of pushing a few buttons, pulling some levers or probably flicking a few switches, I either destroy the town I am in, or inadvertently activate the self-destruct mechanism!


It makes me wonder if piloting giant robots would be like playing a video game. Push this, and hey, it moves forward! Push this… whoops that’s the arms. I just slapped a tree a few kilometers up the sky. Flip this, and – dear lord, those were just missiles that flew out!

Would a person with prior knowledge of driving a car, have any advantage over someone who does not, when it comes to giant robot piloting? Probably. I rode a motorcycle first before I could drive a car. There were certainly some prior driving skills that helped when I was learning how to drive a car that was carried over from motorcycle driving. Perhaps there might be somethings that might help. Spatial awareness? Ah, maybe using the blinkers before a turn? Do robots have blinkers?

The height difference would be so much bigger, though.

Just thinking about being a few hundred feet above the ground is enough to give me palpitations.

I just hope that when I do find a giant robot, it would be in a convenient position, say sitting or lying down, as opposed to completely standing up. Why? Well, if you made a mistake with moving, you would not have to feel the wonderful feeling of falling down from a very tall height. Then, there’s that punch-in-the-gut when the ground meets your mech’s butt.

Well, in any case, I do hope that if I do find a giant robot, there’s a manual nearby which I can read…



Happy 40th Anniversary, Gundam. I’m still waiting for that day where I would randomly stumble upon my own giant robot. Thanks.

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