On Studying Writing

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“If you want to be a writer – read things.”

I’ve had this advice thrown on me countless times, either by people or from articles and blogs that I have read. However, it should have been more specific – or rather, I should have interpreted the advice more specifically.

If you want to be a short story writer – read short stories, if you want to be a screenplay writer, read scripts, if you want to be a novel writer – read novels.

We are what we eat.

What we consume, will become part of us, and we would be able to use it for our own. There are certain methods and techniques that each writing branch uses. Some seem too normal and ordinary, that I sometimes take them for granted.

I have been reading manga for a long time now, and have only seldom picked a novel. It’s not a bad excuse to say that I am doing it as a form of study. However, the least that I have taken out of it is that I seem to have been able to write conversations better. Plot development – sure, I could probably have learned a thing or two from this media, however, I now find myself lacking in descriptive writing.

What I mean to say is that I find myself unable to paint scenes with words, and for a writer, a novelist or a short story writer, to be more exact, that is their bread and butter.

Therefore, I have learned this – there are things that are best learned from emulation and imitation. As time goes on, you will certainly be able to mix in  your own voice in your writing, and develop a style that is uniquely yours. However, when starting out, it is not bad to emulate the great writers of the time – emulate how they write, how they present scenes, and also how they present their characters.

Perhaps, I should pick up a new novel to read – something that is around the genre that I am interested in writing…

In any case, I hope my realization would be helpful to anyone out there who seem to be in the same predicament as me.

Have a nice day.


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