brown cabin in the woods on daytime
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The afternoon was quiet except for the faint chirping of cicadas hidden within the nearby trees.

Jack has been sitting on his porch for half an hour already, staring out into nothing in particular.

He could hear nothing but the chirping of the cicadas.

A group of children passed, laughing loudly. To Jack, however, they were just a blur passing by.

Time seemed to have halted to a slow, peaceful grind.

Jack’s life has been a struggle lately, and the peace and quiet of the afternoon was a big welcome.

“Jack, where the hell are you, you lazy bum!” The voice of his wife pierced the peace and returned Jack to earth.

“Here.” He answered back, without budging from his seat.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Nothing.” Jack replied. Indeed, he had been doing absolutely nothing, just sitting and relaxing. That was all over now, for he was certainly doing something.

“Nothing, eh?” Jack’s wife looked around the porch, to Jack’s left and to his right.

“Get your lazy ass back in here, I need you to do something for me…” She kept talking and talking, most of which just flew over Jack’s head. He hoped that most of those were useless information that were not that important anyway.

His moment of peace was gone, and all of the stress and problems of his world were back. Jack craved for a nice bottle of cold beer, but it would seem his throat would have to be parched for a while longer.

Jack sighed and stood up. He tapped the chair that has been with him for the past half hour, bidding his comrade farewell for now, as he marched inside, and the world and everything around him started to move again.


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